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Salvatore Alessandro Sarcia', Ph.D.

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Salvatore Alessandro Sarcia' received his Laurea degree (*) in Computer Science (1994) and master's degree with honors in Strategy and Project Management (2001) from the University of Torino (Italy). He received his second laurea degree (*) in Politics (2004) from the University of Trieste (Italy). He holds a Ph.D. in Informatics and Automation Engineering from the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy). In 2006-08, he was with the Department of Computer Science - University of Maryland at College Park, MD, USA as a Visiting Scientist advised by Prof.Dr. Victor Robert BASILI. In 2009, he was a Contract Professor of object-oriented programming  at the Department of Engineering of the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) and an Adjunct Professor of Information Processing at the Department of Economics of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy). In 2011, he participated in Senior Course 117 at NATO Defense College in Rome. He defined a performance model which is applied to the Italian Army. His current research interests are Game Theory, Artificial Neural Networks, Predictive Models, Measurement, Statistics, and Performance. He applies empirical techniques to conduct experiments on Software Engineering, Software Quality, Risk Analysis, Game Theory and Performance.

(*) Laurea degree was the full university degree in Italy now transformed into 3 (bachelor's)+ 2 (master's) year degree.


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Email: sarcia  @  onese . org



Information and Software Technology, 2012, Elsevier

ESEM 2012 short paper program committee, 2012

PROMISE 2012 program committee, 2012, Sweden

The Journal of Systems and Software, 2011, Elsevier

PROMISE 2011 committee, Banff, Alberta, CA

ESEM 2011 short paper program committee, Banff, Alberta, CA

SEKE 2011, Miami Beach, US

ESEM 2010 short-paper committee, Bolzano, Italy

PROMISE 2010 Program Committee, Timisoara, Romania

SEKE 2010 Program Committee, Redwood City, CA (US) 

ESEM 2009 research paper reviewer, Lake Buena Vista, FL (US)

LSO 2009 Program Committee, Oulu (FI)

SEKE 2009 Program Committee, Boston (US)

PROFES 2008, Rome (Italy)

Publicity Chair

Cost estimation Chair

ISESE 2006 research paper reviewer


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Selected publications



Rossi, B., Sarcia', S.A., Sillitti, A., Succi, G., "Lo sviluppo del software per la pubblica amministrazione e le forze armate - aspetti contrattualistici, metodologie per lo sviluppo, architetture e sicurezza", Franco Angeli Ediuzioni, ISBN: 978-3-659-47533-7, 2015. (Italian only)




Sarcia', S.A., "Definition and Improvement over time of mathematical estimation models", Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-659-47533-7, 2014.


Sarcia', S.A., "Acquisire e sviluppare software militare in maniera agile con componenti open source", Informazioni della Difesa, 2014. (in Italian only)



Sarcia', S.A., Timed Strategic Games A new game theory for managing plans in the time dimension, pp. 187-194, IEEE-CogSIMA, 25-28 Feb. 2013, San Diego, CA.



Suppa, A., Zardini, A., Sarcia, S.A., IT helps the Italian Army implement a Performance Management System, ITAIS, 7-8 Oct. 2011, Rome, Italy.


F. Mulazzani and S. A. Sarcia, Cyber Security on Military Deployed Networks - A Case Study on Information Leakage, ICCC 2011, IEEE, Jun. 7 11, Tallinn, Estonia.


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Sarcia', S.A., "Is GQM+strategies really applicable as is to non-software development domains?", ACM-IEEE, ESEM 2010, Sep. 16-17, Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.


Falessi D., Cantone G., Sarcia' S.A.,  Calavaro G., D'Amore C., Subiaco P., "Peaceful Coexistence: Agile Developer Perspectives on Software Architecture," IEEE Software, vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 23-25, Mar./Apr. 2010, doi:10.1109/MS.2010.49


Sarcia' S.A.,  Basili V.R., and Cantone G., "Scope Error Detection and Handling concerning Software Estimation Models", Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ACM-IEEE, ESEM 2009), Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Florida, October 2009.


Sarcia S.A., An Approach to Improving Parametric Estimation Models in The Case of Violation of Assumptions, GIIS09, Salerno (Italy), 2009.


Sarcia S.A., Cantone G., and  Basili V.R., "Using Uncertainty as a Model Selection and Comparison Criterion," ACM, PROMISE 2009 Co-located ICSE 2009, Vancouver, CA, 2009


Sarcia S.A., Cantone G., and  Basili V.R., Auto-associative Neural Networks to estimate Accuracy of Estimation Models, in the book Artificial Intelligence Applications for Improved Software Engineering Development: New Prospects (Eds: Farid Meziane and Sunil Valeda), IGI Global, USA.



Sarcia' S.A., Basili, V.R., and Cantone, G., "An Approach to Improving Parametric Estimation Models in the Case of Violation of Assumptions Based on Risk Analysis", CS-TR-4928, UMIACS-TR-2008-20 University of Maryland (USA), 2008.


Sarcia S.A., An Approach to Improving Parametric Estimation Models in The Case of Violation of Assumptions, IDOESE08, Kaiserslautern (Germany) 2008


Sarcia S.A., Cantone G., and Basili, V.R., Adopting Curvilinear Component Analysis to estimate Software Cost Estimation Accuracy, British Computer Society, BCS-EASE08, Bari (Italy) 2008



Sarcia S.A., Cantone G., and V.R. Basili, A Statistical Neural Network Framework for Risk Management Process, ICSOFT, Barcelona (Spain), 2007



Sarcia S.A., Cantone G., Using Measurable Lesson Learned for estimating Risk Probability, TR University of  Tor Vergata (Italy) 2006


Sarcia S.A., Cantone G., Dependable Risk Management:New Methodological Perspectives and Related Support Systems, TR University of  Tor Vergata (Italy), 2006.


Research interests

Software Engineering (Quality and Improvement)

Experimental and empirical approaches

Project management

Risk management

Software system development (Object-orientation, UML, RUP, Patterns)

Advanced Statistics and predictive models

Computational Intelligence (e.g. Neural networks)


Professional Teaching

Object-oriented programming (Department of Engineering - University of Tor Vergata, Italy), 2008-09

Information Processing ( Department of Economics - Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy), 2008-09


Other teaching activities

Empirical Software Engineering (Prof. Cantone, Department of Engineering - University of Tor Vergata, Italy)

Object Oriented Analysis and Design ( Prof. Cantone, Department of Engineering - University of Tor Vergata, Italy)